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Our main game! The majority of our clients are couples who are getting married or renewing their vows, and we provide a variety of wedding planning and coordination packages tailored to your event's unique needs. We also offer custom packages - because we realize that weddings aren't always a "one size fits all" type of thing. Big or small - we've pretty much done it all.

Wedding coordination begins a minimum of 60 days out (unless specifically contracted for less), where we'll help you tie together all of the last minute details. It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed by wedding logistics because its just not something that you do every day - and that's where we step into the picture so that you can RELAX and enjoy this happy time of life. Stop stressing yourself out and hire a professional! We literally do this for a living. Whitetail Events will be there for you throughout the final stretch and throughout your entire wedding day; party on, rockstar - we'll worry about all the behind-the-scenes so you don't have to. Whether its setting up your wedding decorations so that you can have mimosas with your gals, or making sure that your great aunt Lily doesn't knock over your ceremony arch while taking photos with her 2005 Nikon camera, consider it covered.

Looking for planning help, too? Have a vision but need some help making it a reality? We're available for all of that. At least 50% of our clients contract us for both coordination AND planning services. So whether you've got everything under control and just need some design help, or you're totally lost and the simple thought of planning your wedding makes you want to scream (understandable) - we cater to every type of client, no matter how little or how much help you're looking for. We can chat more in our consultation!

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Just because the majority of our events are weddings, doesn't mean we don't do other events, too! We've done birthday parties, family events, celebrations of life, retirement celebrations, goodbye parties, corporate events, graduations, and more. Since there are SO MANY event types, we create a custom proposal based on what you're looking for. Contact us for more information and let's chat about how we can help create your dream event!

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