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Well, hey there!

I'm Kelli, the proud owner of Whitetail Events.

I've spent years planning and coordinating events (literally, since I was ten years old on a $5 budget in the Halloween aisle of Walgreens). Throughout college and early on in my professional career, event planning always held a special place in my heart. Fast forward to 2020, Whitetail Events LLC was established, making a lifelong dream a reality. Since then, I've contributed to countless celebrations. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a special event turn into a long-lasting memory.

I'm straightforward, down-to-earth, fun-driven, and most importantly, not a sugar-coater. I take these principles with me in my business; you'll never have to worry about annoying sales tactics, not having your best interests looked out for, or not having an honest person to come to. It's a strict, no BS zone. I have a unique advocacy for each client and constantly work to support you and your vision during this exciting time of life. Some people even refer to me as their wedding therapist; not really my purpose, but hey, if the shoe fits! But in all reality, I take this career seriously, and I'll work tirelessly to ensure that your big day is even better than you've imagined.

I would love to be part of your event planning journey; whether you're starting from scratch or looking for someone towards the finish line to help preserve your hard work and investment. Celebrate and make memories - we'll take care of the rest. We're here for all of life's events - weddings, birthdays, corporate events, family celebrations - you name it.


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Looking for another selling point?

I communicate in a timely manner.
Because nothing is worse than crickets.
Unless you're camping, then it's nice.


we'll be your

"something blue"

How about a fun fact?

Our brand's color is a light, aqua-colored blue. Purely because of Kelli's obsession with blue moon ice cream; specifically, Chocolate Shoppe.

blue moon ice cream.png

Our Team:

Currently, Whitetail Events LLC operates as a highly successful one-woman team. However, there are occasionally times where we may hire individuals to assist in various events.


If you're interested in mentorship or joining our team, with the possibility to grow with us, please shoot us an email:


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